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Application and Registration For 2022-2023 Students

All applications must be fully completed and must be signed by Parent/Guardian or Applicant age 18 or older and must be submitted with a "non refundable" deposit of $40 plus first month's class fee.  A WAIVER OF COVID-19 LIABILITY must also be signed & submitted.  No one will be admitted into class without proper registration and signed liability release forms.  All tuition is payable to Ms. Carol's Center for Dance and is due the first class day of each month.

*I understand that tuition is non-refundable and that fees are due monthly regardless of non-attendance, holidays, or center closings. Tuition is based on number of days divided by eight ( 8 ) monthly installments. 

**Note: We are not responsible for injuries or illness incurred during, before or after classes. The parents or guardians of participants and Adult participants accept full risk for all classes attended, including Acrobatics. Ms. Carol’s Center for Dance takes no responsibility for lost or stolen items. Please leave all valuables at home. I agree to allow Ms. Carol’s Center for Dance to photograph my child/children for use on our social media sites, for advertisement and special occasions.

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