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Grace Dance Theater



The Grace Dance Theater (GDT) of Philadelphia began as the “Company Grace” in 1991 by founder, Carol Lorraine Cubbage Davis. This grassroots modern dance company embodies the grace of dance, the spirit of dance and the sheer joy of dance. The dancers’ powerful movements stir the heart because they depict the human condition. GDT was originally created to give a small group of talented dancers from Progressive Center for Dance (now Ms. Carol’s Center for Dance) an opportunity to showcase their talents. Since it’s inception, the mission of GDT has expanded.


Today, talented artists from the tri-state area work together to bring the community a beautiful art from. GDT performed their first concert in May, 1992. The concert featured three major works: “Gospel Suite”, “Jazz Suite”, and “Past to Future”. These pieces were instant favorites with the audience and have become a part of the company’s repertory. GDT has had numerous performances and concerts since its debut. Engagements have included the Arts Bank Showcase in Baltimore and Philadelphia, the Art Exchange at The Painted Bride, guest appearances at Community College of Philadelphia, Temple University, Widener University, Sharon Baptist Church, Greater Exodus Church and many more venues. In addition, GDT performs an annual Spring Concert, a dance collaboration with “Praise Is The Cure”  and an annual Black History Celebration spotlighting many of Philadelphia’s African American dance studios. GDT is the umbrella organization for GDT ll, Training Company of Grace, Grace Children’s Ensemble and the Cherish Debutante Program.


This year, 2020, marks Grace Dance Theater’s 30th year as a modern dance company.

Grace 2 b.jpg

Pictured Above: Grace Dance II

Pictured Below: Grace Dance Theater

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