It's A New Season!

Class Fees

Class Fees are due the FIRST class day of each month.

Your child will not be able to take class unless fees are up to date. 

ALL Class fees must be paid before tickets can be reserved or costumes picked up.

Ticket Reservation and Costumes:

In order to select and reserve tickets for our Annual Student Performance on June 7th, all costume and class fees must be paid in full. Ticket prices are as follows: Orchestra $26/ each & Balcony $23 each. Reservation Days are as follows:


Lower School, Sunday, March 15th 11a-2pm

Upper School, Sunday, March 22nd 11a-2pm

There will be additional days for ticket reservations in the coming weeks. 

Code of Conduct and Dancewear

All students are required to wear the appropriate dancewear for the particular class being taken, NO EXCEPTIONS. This includes the appropriate color leotard and tights with appropriate shoes. All student dancewear is expected to be free of holes and runs. Hip Hop students are expected to wear PLAIN white t-shirts, plain black bottoms and non skid shoes. All students are expected to arrive on time and be prepared to take class. Students are expected to respect themselves, fellow students, teachers, and all members of the Ms Carols Center for Dance staff. We are not responsible for misplaced or stolen items and encourage you to leave all valuables ( jewelry and cell phones included) at home. 

**As the weather gets warmer, please ensure students are in their PROPER DANCE ATTIRE during class times. Shorts of any kind, tank tops, or sports bras without a leotard over top are not permitted. Students who are not in uniform will NOT be permitted to take class. 

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